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Each hook has screw holes drilled before attaching.

Honeysuckle Coat Hooks

I can’t help it;  since last Friday, I have required every person who walks through the door to stop and admire our new honeysuckle coat hooks.  I love them!  Made from invasive bush honeysuckle, they are the epitome of a […]


Logging and Honeysuckle

What do a lost logging village in the Green Mountains, a French-Canadian “cirque”, Christmas trees and invasive honeysuckle have in common?  Answer:  they were all part of the curriculum at YouthWork & Learn last week. Monday, our guest instructor was […]


November Highlights at YouthWork and Learn

November flew by at our high school YouthWork and Learn program at the Smokey House Center.  Highlights include: * Cooking and eating from the garden throughout the month, starting with pumpkin pie and ending with carrot-corn burritos. * Co-hosting a […]