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Winning the achievement race

Running with The Triplets

  We teach all of our students that success is rarely reached by a sprint, it’s more of a cross-country run. That’s why we introduce them to three supportive running companions: Pace, Perseverance, and Patience. By training with this important trio students learn how to […]

Learning to see. Photography helps Tutorial Center students work with other forms of expression.

The Photographer’s Eye

A student works with concepts in light during photography class. Being able to see—and capture—light is a one of the photographer’s most powerful skills.  

The work of a Vermont High School Completion student studying photography.

Abstract Visual Concepts

High School Completion student Michelle Barrett has demonstrated some natural talent in photography which she is studying as the art component of of her program. Here are three new images she took last week for her assignments in Lines, Shapes […]

Learning to See

The Art of Re-Engagement

As part of the credit requirements toward their high school diplomas through the High School Completion Program, Paul Secoy and Michelle Barrett are earning art credit by studying photography with professional photographer Christine Glade. “Neither student had previously given photography […]