Garden Candy Ebook for COABE Students


Garden Candy Basics - convenient recipes and cooking informationGarden Candy Basics is a fun and modern app filled with easy and exciting new ways for you to prepare and enjoy vegetables. Since it’s always with you, use it at the grocery store to search for ways to cook a specific vegetable (maybe something on sale!), or browse for inspiration when you’re tired of the same ol’ and are stumped for ideas! Garden Candy recipes are easy and affordable!

Garden Candy Basics - convenient recipes and cooking informationHaving Garden Candy in my pocket all the time makes meal planning easier.BROOKE, AGE 32

I’d never cooked a meal in my life. It was fun! —CHRIS, AGE 22

I was sure I hated sweet potatoes. Prepared the Garden Candy way, I love them! —DARREN, AGE 28

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