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Garden Candy Basics – Recipes and How-to for Soon-To-Be Vegetable lovers!

Garden Candy Basics, tasty, easy & budge friendly recipes and how to for soon-to-be vegetable loversHere at The Tutorial Center, we’re very involved in the local food system and very active in food, nutrition, and health literacy.

Starting with our successful YAP! program which began in 2006, we’ve gone on to create the YAP! Food Network, a local food hub, and our latest project is this exciting Garden Candy Basics ebook.

Garden Candy Basics was created with our students in mind but national research tells us they aren’t alone in not getting the recommended daily amounts of vegetables. Few people do. Maybe you don’t?

But we learned from our YAP! students that when non-veggie eaters are introduced to vegetables, in a hands-on, low-stress way, they start to eat more vegetables. So we’re also making Garden Candy Basics available to the general public in the hope that it can encourage all veggie-avoiders to eat more vegetables as a step toward better health. All proceeds from the sale of this ebook directly support our YAP! program.

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Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.Buy Garden Candy for your Amazon KindleBuy Garden Candy for your KindeleFire Garden Candy eBook available on iTunes, Amazon and other popular ebook retailers.
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“[The student] has made significant gains in reading. Her MAP reading score in September was 156 and on the first percentile. We have just finished our spring testing and she is now on the 45th percentile with a score of 188. She is now performing at grade level. All around, she is much happier and confident. Her parents and I can see a big difference in attitude.”
— Teacher, Grade 2, Bennington, VT.

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