Mobile eReader App Download Help

You need to have an eReader App on your phone or tablet to be able to open and read the Garden Candy eBook. Here is information for installing an eBook Reader App onto popular phones. Your phone may be slightly different.

We recommend these ebook reader apps:

Apple iOS Devices: Apple iBooks
Android Devices: FBReader
Kindle Devices: The Kindle Built-in App

The Kindle Reader App is also available for both Apple and Android devices, not just Kindle devices. If that’s you’re reader of choice see instructions below. If you’re using a different eReader app, follow the in-app instructions for loading epubs into your eReader.

Apple iPhones and iPads:

We recommend Apple iBooks as a free iPhone ebook reader. It comes pre-installed on all current Apple iOS devices.

If iBooks is not already on your phone or tablet, you can find it by clicking the Apple App Store icon on your phone or tablet.

The Apple App Store icon on you phone or tablet will look something like this:

Apple App Store Icon

  1. Open The App Store
  2. Type iBooks into the Search field.
  3. You will see a page of results. iBooks should be the first app listed. Click the blue FREE button.
  4. When clicked, the blue FREE button will turn into a green INSTALL button.
  5. Click INSTALL.
  6. As the app downloads you will be prompted to enter your password for your Apple iTunes Account.
  7. Enter your password to authorize the download. Click OK.
  8. The download process will complete.
  9. The green INSTALL button will turn into a blue OPEN button.
  10. Click OPEN.
  11. iBooks will open and you’re ready to read ebooks!

With iBooks installed you’re ready to download and enjoy the Garden Candy basics ebook. You may make your purchase and download your ebook from within your iBooks app. If you’re using a promo code with your purchase, you must download your ebook via

Android Mobile Devices:

We recommend FBReader which is available free via Google Play. Look for the Google Play icon in your phone apps. It will look something like this:
Google Play Icon

  1. Open the Google Play App.
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the App Page. Search for: FBReader
  3. You will be taken to a list of results and FBReader should be at the very top of the list.
  4. Click INSTALL.
  5. You will be taken to the FBReader App Detail & Installation Page.
  6. Click the INSTALL button.
  7. You may or may not be prompted for a Google Play Password.
  8. Click ACCEPT on the App Permissions screen.
  9. The App will be downloaded to your phone and you’re ready to read ebooks.

With FBReader or iBooks installed you’re ready to download and enjoy the Garden Candy ebook from You can use your promo code there.

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