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A closer lookThe Tutorial Center, Inc. (TTC) is the most comprehensive learning and resource organization in Vermont.

Founded in 1971, TTC is a non-profit organization that provides essential, quality educational support to individuals and families in southern Vermont and upper New York State. TTC’s fundamental mission is to enhance literacy, work readiness, and other basic skills of adults and children in order to help individuals and youth succeed, strengthen community assets, and support workforce needs of employers.

With learning centers in Bennington and Manchester, TTC serves 650 children and adults each year from ages five to ninety-nine. The Tutorial Center has a 40-year history of innovation, successful outcomes, and sustainability.

The breadth and depth of programs offered by TTC is impressive and includes tutoring for all ages, adult and family literacy, High School Completion program, dropout prevention, General Educational Development credential (GED) preparation, Adult Diploma Program, the award-winning “Bridge to College and Careers” in partnership with Community College of Vermont, job readiness training, enrichment classes and the newly launched Northshire Digital Arts Center.

TTC works closely with virtually every elementary, middle and high school in Bennington County raising the bar for a “community educational partner” by providing professional staff, dedicated school liaisons, up-to-date resources, a motivational environment, flexible and reliable scheduling,  and “outside of the box” student-centered personalized instruction.

TAchievement!his collaboration includes guidance counselors who identify students’ needs, teachers who inform parents of TTC services and school officials who publicly compliment TTC programs and successes. In turn, TTC personnel are often members of school Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams and area teachers often seek summer or part-time work at the Center. Beyond the schools, the TTC administrative personnel are active members and participants in community groups such as the Workforce Investment Board and Council on Youth.

The Center’s success is well documented. In 2010, TTC provided 7,888 hours of one-to-one tutoring to 187 children and young adults, and over 14,000 hours of adult education.
but that’s not all…
In a typical year,The Tutorial Center:

  • prevents 20 “at risk” teenagers from dropping out
  • helps 70 high school dropouts to earn a high school diploma or GED
  • builds literacy skills of 250 adults
  • helps 20 adults transition into college or post-secondary career paths
  • transforms 50 “computer-illiterate” adults into competent computer users

TTC improves the lives of the educationally disadvantaged through caring, professional, individualized instruction and motivational support.

The organization also seeks to raise public awareness of literacy as an urgent social issue. This role, motivating the public to address literacy as a community and an individual need, is critical to the health and welfare of the residents of Bennington County and its surrounding communities.

The Tutorial Center has been approved by the Vermont Department of Education as a Provider of Supplemental Educational Services under the No Child Left Behind Act and the Vermont Department of Education as the state-approved Adult Education and Literacy provider for Bennington County.

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What We Hear:

“[The student] has made significant gains in reading. Her MAP reading score in September was 156 and on the first percentile. We have just finished our spring testing and she is now on the 45th percentile with a score of 188. She is now performing at grade level. All around, she is much happier and confident. Her parents and I can see a big difference in attitude.”
— Teacher, Grade 2, Bennington, VT.

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