Board of Directors

Diane Morrissey, President
Bennington, VT
Retired: Teacher

Gudrun Hutchins, Vice-President
Pownal, VT
Retired: Pownal School Board member

B.J. Woodard, Secretary
Bennington, VT
Retired: Alternative Program Teacher
Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union

Lucille Leamon
Springfield, MA
Retired: Teacher

Sharon Shea-Keneally
North Bennington, VT
Retired: High School Principal

Eric Caron
Bennington, VT
Guidance Counselor
Mt. Anthony Union HS

Allison Meyer
Big Brothers Big Sisters
United Counseling Service
North Bennington, VT

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What We Hear:

“[The student] has made significant gains in reading. Her MAP reading score in September was 156 and on the first percentile. We have just finished our spring testing and she is now on the 45th percentile with a score of 188. She is now performing at grade level. All around, she is much happier and confident. Her parents and I can see a big difference in attitude.”
— Teacher, Grade 2, Bennington, VT.

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