Who We Serve

Map of Sevice AreaWho We Serve On an Annual Basis

  • 650 individuals by direct TTC service in 24 towns in Southwest Vermont and upper New York State
  • 250 adults over the age of 22 for adult education and literacy
  • 200 young adults ages 16-22 for alternative high school pathways
  • 200 children ages 5-21 for academic tutoring and school support in grades preK-12
  • An estimated 400 additional individuals – mostly children – served by community workshops, public access TV programming and literacy events

We’re About Success!

  • 90% of TTC students achieve success.
  • 200 K-12 students each year build skills, master subjects and achieve success in school.
  • 10 to 15 at-risk students earn diplomas annually through the High School Completion Program.
  • 20 Bridge to College and Careers students successfully transition to college annually.
  • 70 high school dropouts earn a high school diploma or GED credential on average each year which makes this adult group of learners the 3rd largest “graduating class” in Bennington County.
  • 15 at-risk students, each year, become work-ready by completing the Summer Work and Learn program.
  • 45 individuals master English for on-the-job success and U.S. Citizenship annually by enrolling in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) program.

Additional Facts

  • 50% of TTC’s adult learners are male (a typically hard group to engage)
  • Approximately 85% of children served are from low-income families
  • Approximately 95% of adult learners (over the age of 22) are low income

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What We Hear:

“Every person learns a different way – from hands on, to reading, to computers, to group interaction, to individual instruction. The Tutorial Center takes all these learning styles into consideration when putting a student and tutor together.”
— Parent of Tutored Student

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