Field Studies Program

FS14 girls salamanderField Studies programs offer schools the chance to connect students’ classroom learning to real, in-the-field, environmental education research and learning. Led by experienced environmental educators — with guest partners including conservation, agricultural, and research professionals – groups of students conduct environmental studies on the 5,000 acres of farm and forest lands of Smokey House Center. Activities include use of technology for research and writing, hands-on small group work, and full-group discussion.
FS14 Vernal pool

Program topics, formats and schedules can be customized to school needs. One model is a two-week program on-site daily at Smokey House Center that culminates in student research reports and/or presentations back at school.  Sample areas of focus are Winter Ecology or Vernal Pools.  Another model is a year-long research field studies with monthly visits for data collection, like the Watershed Project.

Contact Juanita Burch-Clay at 293-9300 or to discuss conducting a Field Studies program for your school.

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2012 Dorset School students in The Tutorial Center's Field Studies program

Field Studies

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