High School Diploma

High School Completion

Whether an individual is struggling in high school or has already left and is following an alternative path, TTC offers programs run by a top-notch, expert team to guide students to achieve their High School Diploma or equivalency.

  • GED (General Educational Development) Credential – For ages 16 and up, classes are offered that build reading, writing, math and other important skills which will enable an individual to pass the GED exam and receive a high school equivalency credential.
  • Vermont Adult Diploma Program – For ages 21 and up, individuals can earn an actual high school diploma by completing real-life projects that show knowledge and skill. Learn more…

High School Completion Program – new, innovative and only in Vermont!
The state-funded High School Completion Program (HSCP) offers Vermont residents, ages 16 to 21, an opportunity to earn a high school diploma from their local high school.
Together, TTC qualified personnel, the student and the high school create a personal Graduation Plan that offers engaging and customized learning opportunities to fit the individual using the student’s high school transcript as a baseline.
The HSCP program is offered at our two learning centers in Bennington and Manchester, Vermont.

  • Student-centered environment
  • Highly customized Graduation Plan for each student
  • Flexible daytime and evening schedule
  • Classroom and community-based educational experiences
  • Work/internship programs can count as school credit
  • Drivers education offered
  • College courses may be taken for credit
  • Once the student fulfills the requirements of the Graduation Plan, the individual earns a high school diploma and can participate in the customary high school graduation ceremony

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