Adult Diploma Program

It's never too late to get your diploma!By completing our Adult Diploma Program, you’ll earn a regular high school diploma from a local high school – the exact same diploma the high school students earn! You can even choose to attend the high school Graduation ceremony – in cap and gown! – and proudly receive your well-earned diploma with family and friends. 

You’ll earn your high school diploma by completing a set of interesting projects drawn from real-life situations. Completing the projects will demonstrate your knowledge and skills in practical areas common in adult life.

Examples of projects include:

  • compare products and make a purchase decision
  • calculate and compare interest rates on a loan
  • research a topic of interest to answer a question you have
  • locate and analyze community resources to meet a personal or on-the-job need
  • you can also think up your own project in a topic that interests you!

Improve your odds, get your diploma!Our Adult Diploma Program specialist will work with you every step of the way to guide you to successfully completing your projects.

After you successfully complete all of your projects, you’ll be awarded your high school diploma!

Special features of our Adult Diploma Program include:

  • Conveniently do your work on projects at home and at The Tutorial Center’s learning center in Bennington or Manchester.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Schedule your project work during times that fit your work or family schedule. Day or evening.
  • Our Adult Diploma Program specialist will meet regularly with you to guide your progress.
  • The Tutorial Center’s staff will help you complete your projects by teaching you reading, math, writing, and research skills that will help you succeed.
  • You can use The Tutorial Center’s computers and internet access for free. Our staff will help you improve your computer skills, too.

Improve your odds, get your diploma!Who is eligible for the Adult Diploma Program?

You need to be a Vermont resident age 20 or older. (In some cases adults age 18-19 may also be allowed to participate. Let’s talk about your situation and see whether you qualify.)

Your basic reading, writing and math skills must be good enough for self-directed work on the projects. (We will assess your skill levels and help you improve any weak areas to the necessary level.)

Our Adult Diploma Program is fully authorized by the Vermont Department of Education. You’ll earn the standard high school diploma, not an alternative diploma or GED.

Think this might be the right fit for your or someone you know? Get in touch with us using this form and we’ll get things going!

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