Professional Digital Arts InstructionNDAC’s focus is creativity and computers. Whether it’s photography, video or audio, digital painting, vector illustration, layout & design or some hybrid mix – we’re here to inspire and support your love of the pixel – its power and its potential.

We design workshops that accommodate all skill levels from beginner to enthusiast or professional. Plus offer high level group or individualized professional training for photographers, photo retouchers and new media artists and designers.

We haven’t forgotten about the left side of your brain either. You’ll find regularly scheduled courses to help you master spreadsheets, improve your computer skills and find your way on the internet.


New Digital Photography Classes for June!

You can take great photos with any camera! So grab yours and your enthusiasm and come learn to take the photos you see. Our classes are low-stress, info-packed and geared to all levels of interests and skills. Point & Shoot […]