TTC at Smokey HouseA partnership between The Tutorial Center and Smokey House Center in 2013 brought education back to the grounds of Smokey House Center in Danby, Vt. This partnership combines the educational expertise of The Tutorial Center with the farm and forest resources and the agricultural and environmental education history of the 5,000-acre Smokey House Center. All services take place on-site on the grounds of Smokey House Center.

img_5069Both The Tutorial Center and Smokey House Center are excited about this innovative collaboration. Together, we work closely with southern Vermont schools and community organizations to provide high-quality educational opportunities for youth and adults that motivate learning and lead to high achievement.

The range of educational opportunities that are available for children and adults include:


SugarHouse K DYouthWork and Learn – Farm and Forest: A full-day, school-year program of farm- and forest-based education  for youth in grades 8-12 who have not been thriving in traditional academic settings. Click here to learn more about YouthWork and Learn

Field Studies: Under the guidance of environmental educators and area environmental professionals, students apply academic skills to conduct in-the-field research on environmental topics. Field studies programs can be intensive two-week programs with culminating presentations (such as the MS spring vernal pools investigation), year-long research with monthly site visits (such as the 6th grade Watershed Project) or one-day activities, custom-designed. Click here to learn more about Field Studies

YAP! (Youth Agricultural Project): A seasonal work-experience program for at-risk youth, the Youth Agriculture Project helps youth develop self-confidence, interpersonal skills, and real work skills through the hands-on growing and marketing of food plants. The Tutorial Center’s Youth Agriculture Project has received national recognition for its success with at-risk youth and its impact on the local community.  Current YAP sites are in Bennington, Manchester, and at Smokey House.  In 2015 and 2016 YAP at Smokey House provided work-training opportunities for students in grades 6 through 9.  Click here to learn more about YAP!

img_8058Personalized K-12 Tutoring: Tutoring is provided one-to-one in a supportive, motivating environment by skilled, compassionate instructors who can help individuals experience success. Tutoring is available in any subject area. Click here to learn more about Tutoring services at Smokey House

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Dillon Williams working at The Tutorial Center

What Goes Around: Dillon Williams

The individual and corporate support we get from the Northshire community is essential to our meeting the goals of our mission – so we understand how important sustained support can be. And, we try to pass that idea of community […]

Food Revolution Day

We’re Joining the Revolution!

Actually we’ve been a leader in this movement! But on May 15th we’re amping up our rally cry in support of Chef Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day – a global push to make food education a part of everyday school curriculum world-wide. Over 750,000 […]

Wilderness First Aid Training

Sign Up for SOLO Wilderness First Aid Training

Become WFA Certified For the second year, we’re running two sessions of SOLO Wilderness First Aid at the end of February. This is a 2-day, 16-hour course that can result in a two year WFA certification. It’s a great course for […]

Winning the achievement race

Running with The Triplets

  We teach all of our students that success is rarely reached by a sprint, it’s more of a cross-country run. That’s why we introduce them to three supportive running companions: Pace, Perseverance, and Patience. By training with this important trio students learn how to […]


Science Fridays and Good Cooking

What’s new at YouthWork&Learn at Smokey House? Our schedule this year includes science activities in the morning, followed by lunch with home-made dishes using vegetables and herbs from our garden. For science, we started with a field study where the students compared and […]